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Are you in interessted in K-Pop merchandise?

Because you like the korean language, you may be intersted in K-Pop as well.

So I thought, since I have an extern Shop where I do sell other stuff too, you may be interested in K-Pop stuff?

Like, CD’s, Poster, Handy Cases, Socks, Sticker, Lightsticks, Shirts, and so much more.

Would there be interested fans?

Samstag, Dezember 31, 2011
Samstag, Dezember 24, 2011

farah-jpg sagte: Hi! I wanted to ask how do you type hangul? Is there any particular app or anything? I would like to try doing it too but I can't find any website or so. :)

You can write just via you keyboard! ^^ I’m from Germany so my keyboard is set to German. You can set it so Korean, so if you type “Sa” for example, the hangul appears! You can chance it at your computer :3!